Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Fixin' My Stitch - Month 5

Month FIVE of getting Stitch Fix!!  If you need to know what it is, check out Month ONE...and then see what I got in TWO, THREE, and FOUR!  Check out what I got!

First in the box was this sweater:

Soft, big, chunky.....just how I like my men (ha ha, not true).  I loved the feel and the color, but I couldn't get over these:

Once I saw those, I couldn't help but think: It's a onesie.  And once I thought of a onesie, I couldn't NOT think of it.  Even when I dressed it up all different:

I just couldn't buy it.

Next was a tunic top in a neutral shade.

Nothing overly special, but I've been looking for a nice neutral-but-not-boring top, and this fit the bill, so I DID  end up buying this.

After that was another tunic top (sigh) but with a really fun print:

 I liked it, and even with a cardigan it looked cute:

But I did not like the rounded shoulder look it gave me without a cardigan.  I'm so picky.

So I didn't get it.

After that was a black dress.  I immediately didn't dig the fabric, but on it looked kinda cute and versatile.

But then I turned to the side and it did this:

Nope, not pregnant, but the fabric stood out so weird that it would ALWAYS look like this.  Pass.

And finally, a pretty dark wine colored top that just didn't blow me over:

 So I passed on it as well. 

As you can see, not the BEST box I've ever gotten, but because the holidays always cost us some serious cash, I was trying to save a bit as well. 

If you love this idea and want to learn more and sign up, click RIGHT HERE (disclaimer: it gives me a bit of credit) to try it for yourself!

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