Friday, February 07, 2014

And the postcards go to....

Andrea Messina!!!

Congrats, Andrea!  Your comment was selected using a random number generator I found on the Interwebs. Send me your address via email/facebook and I'll get them to you right away!

Hoping to do more giveaways as I find more cool things, but can I just say how fun it was to actually get comments on your blog, respond to them, and watch people have conversations?  Yay!  Thanks! 

I'm going to make efforts to comment more on people's blogs, share blogs on Facebook that I find interesting, and try to keep some conversation going.  Join me!  Start by checking out some of my favorite blogs I visit from the list on the right!  My friends and family have blogs, and have really great thoughts/ideas/crafts to share!


Andrea Messina said...

I tried to leave a "WOOOO!" message before but it didn't work!
Just got my cards yesterday! Yaaay! They're awesome! It's going to be fun finding things to do with them.

Alison Beach said...

You're welcome - enjoy!!!