Friday, March 14, 2014


Me: Does Callou have any hair? (he's a bald cartoon character)
Avery: No, he just has his head!

Avery: I think I want something to eat and drink.
Me: Hey, how about you eat and drink your Poptart and milk that's sitting right in front of you?
Avery:.....oh.....that's a good idea!

Backpack on Television: Can we use a flashlight to catch the jaguar?
Avery: No, the ROPE!
Backpack: Can we use the umbrella to catch the jaguar?
Avery: No, the ROPE!
Backpack: Can we use the rope to catch the jaguar?

Me: OUCH (after touching Avery gave me a little shock)
Avery: That was a little pinch!!

Me: Dizzy means we fall down and busy means we have lots of things to do.
Avery: ok
Me: What does dizzy mean?
Avery: Fall Down!
Me: What does busy mean?
Avery: We're taking care of things!


Vinnie said...

Awesome Avery-isms and I LOVE his hat with the beard, that is so cool! did you make that? I crochet, but I doubt I would be able to figure out how to do that.

Alison Beach said...

I did not make it - can't knit, crochet, nor do I know the difference. His Grandma (Jon's mom) make it for him. The little beard is separate in case it's not beard-cold out :-)

Vinnie said...

Well its super cute! she does amazing work, I had a friends mother make me a blanket once... it was queen sized and had the legit Red Sox Logo on it, shes a Crochet Jedi! I knit and Crochet, but I know like 1 stitch, and can basically make square or rectangular things... such as pot holders, wash cloths, and or scarves. I did figure out how to make a hat, and baby booties once though. :)