Monday, March 10, 2014

Make-Me-Smile Monday!

Avery Tell me a Bedtime Story

Here's the transcript...

Once upon a time there was a little girl that named Mommy. And one day, she sneaked… by. And one

day found a snapping turtle and he found 8 snapping turtles and three snakes and one crocodile. And one 

day they’re gonna eat you. And one day, they want you and someone  to turn into an elephant. And run 

really super fast to get away from the elephants and lock the door so the elephant can’t open it. And the 

witch. And he used.  That net to get those elephants so it didn’t be mean. And bring them to jail. And one 

day jail was very very happy for the elephants and they gonna play with jail toys. Jail toys have two 

elephants on them.

And one day he eat popsicles and eat them all and they bring them to mommy and one day mommy

was sad he didn’t get one. And one day I got a popsicle in my jeans(?) And there was one more. For

mommy. And one day popsicle run all out. And one day, and one day I go to the popsicle machine

to look for some popsicles. And one day eat popsicles at the machine and one day there was none. And

other people were sad they had to cut it to have popsicles. And one day, and one day I went to the popsicle

machine to find the popsicles. And one day he come back to the houses and lick the popsicles and they

were falling on the floor and I catch the ball and kick it into the baseball net. No no no, not yet, until

it’s a long story. And once upon. And one day mommy sneaks by the bear into the bear’s cave. And he

got on the bear’s back. And one day the bear was going to chomp its mouth and eat him up. And one

day Mommy can you be like a windymill and blow the. A windymill so the lion will blow away. No no,

you have to pretend like your mouth to be windymill. Now you have to blow! Louder! And one day he

went to jail. On the tallest mountain he went to jail on the tallest mountain and he eat popsicles and

there was none! And one day, and one day I found popsicles and bring them to the bear!  Not yet until

I’m done with the long story.  And one day the popsicles and there was none for the bear. And one day

and one day I got I go to the store and buy some some cookie and fish and popsicles and bananas and

apples.  And maybe some cheese for me.  Some cheese.  And one day we eat cheese.  And one day, and

one day, I escape and find some popsicles and there was none.  For us.  And one day we went to the

story and bought some popsicles and we put on some spacesuits to be warm from the cold. And they

escape back in. Nothing. No I’m almost done. And one day we eat popsicles and here was none.  There 

was none for you and Cassie and for Avery!  And we buy some at the store for apples.  No no no, it's 

almost done.  The end.  That was a long story.

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Vinnie said...

haha, i love his story, I love talking to my 3 year old nephew for the same reason, the stuff they come up with!!! :)