Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekend in Baltimore (picture heavy!)

Over President's Day/Valentine's Day, we headed to Baltimore for a few nights to check out the local kids' retreats!

We rented a cute condo right near the harbor with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a cute view.  We used, which we've done before, but the experience was a little different this time.  The owner here charged a $100 cleaning fee.  No big deal, but I wasn't too motivated to clean since I was already being charged.  We swept, did the dishes, and left.  Five days later I get a pretty harsh email accusing me of violating the contract because we didn't take the trash out and it had diapers in it, so now the place smells bad.  Violating a contract you say?  Lawyer antennas perk up, and when I asked, he couldn't show me in the contract (which I scanned and sent to him) I was required to remove the trash, and when I pushed the issue, went radio silent.  Of course.  But, other than that post-trip headache, it was a great time!

Cassidy feeling at home in front of the television

The lovely dining room of the condo we rented

Digging these hardwood floors!
The first night, we went simple and took the kids to Bubba Gump's because we'd actually never been there and figured it would be kid friendly.  I drew shapes on the sugar packets so Avery could play match, and even Cassidy enjoyed the crayons.  Avery fell in love with jello...again.


Two jellos?????

Getting a little bit sleepy...but still eating.
The next morning we went to the Port Discovery Children's museum which featured a baby room AND a 3 story playground.  Tons of fun for both of them!

Climbing on nets!

Building stuff

Throwing ping pong balls in a machine to watch them go up a chute

Water table...notice her sweet hair up top there...

Reaching for a boat

Riding a "horse"

I'm so high up!

You say this is a Lite Brite?
That night Jon and I got to relax and watch Olympics together, like a real living-together couple.  Very nice.  Back in the condo, Cassidy was just thrilled with the TV cabinet.


Our final morning, we spent a lot of money to get into the Baltimore Aquarium.  Sadly, all Avery wanted to do was ride the escalators and he couldn't care less about the fish.  Lesson learned: never again!
Cassie's ride


Dolphins a-goin' by.
All in all, a really great weekend away!

The ride home

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