Wednesday, June 04, 2014

New House: Avery's room

Ok, time for the first look in-depth at rooms in the new house, starting with Avery's room!

Let's talk about the problems, then think about solutions.

First, in case it's hard to see, the carpet is dark brown, pretty cheap, and unchangeable.  Second, the walls AND the ceiling are that amazing fleshy color that covers the 1990s (even though this house was built in 2002).  You may note that color goes out in the hallway as well....and the entire rest of the house.  There are TWO cable lines coming out of the walls (one coming out of a main wall and one coming out of a closet).  The window isn't visible because it was playing tricks with my camera phone, but it's just a single window with a gross miniblind on it.

So, let's talk solutions and inspirations.

I need to:

  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls
  • Find a big rug
  • Put in his furniture
  • Change/paint doorknobs
  • Hang black-out blinds and/or curtains
  • Get some art on the walls

As for inspiration, I'm obsessed with this ceiling, from Project Nursery and I want to base the whole room idea around these stars:

So, I'm thinking maybe light grey walls, white ceiling, gold or silver stars up high.  And that's as far as I've gotten, but I can't get past how much I love the stars.

He's a big boy now, but I thought about taking artistic photos of his favorite toys and blowing them up black and white to hang on the walls.  I've asked him if he wants trucks, planes, stars, or if he has any ideas.  He likes them all.  He doesn't spend a lot of solo time in his room, so I don't need to make it into a giant playroom (despite the temptation), but I still want to make it a nice place.


Vinnie said...

Maybe a classy vintage explorer or nautical theme, something simple and not overstated. Kahki duvette, green punches of color, framed maps, interesting artifacts maybe a display shelf he can show a collection of something on, things he finds himself. The star makes me think of a compass star and of course I think exploration, travel, or the sea.

Vinnie said...

I am also biased towards nautical because I grew up at his age in a room with blue wallpaper that had half inch stars like that in white, I had a sail boat border, and I loved it.

Alison Beach said...

Those are GREAT ideas. I love the maps, and the idea of letting him collect things for his own room, especially with our beach vacay coming up. Thanks!!!!