Wednesday, July 09, 2014

New House: Cassidy's room sky-ling

I'm not 100% on board with how Cassidy's room is turning out so far.  The goal, if you remember, was to put a light aqua on the ceiling, like a sky, and then use white walls.

Here's the ceiling before an after an "aqua" paint job:

Meh.  First, after THREE coats, I still feel like I can see beige.  Second, it looks like a dingy white, not a light aqua blue.  Even Avery told me the ceiling was "white" when I asked him.  He then suggested that I use the blue paint I had in the room.  That paint, of course, being the same paint I WAS painting the ceiling with.

The color is Olympic's "Free Spirit" and my feeling isn't feeling super free at the moment, BUT, I'm hoping with white walls, the color's really gonna pop.

Hoping hoping hoping.

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Vinnie said...

Don't fret, i can tell it is aqua from the pictures, and like you said once the walls are white, the aqua will be bright and pop. :)