Wednesday, July 02, 2014

New House: Laundry room

In our new house, our laundry area is upstairs - UPSTAIRS!!  So exciting (I know, but it's those types of things that make me excited now)!  Sadly, that's the only exciting thing about this ugly little area.

The problems are pretty easy to point out.  Ugly floor, ugly walls, dingy and yuck.  It's hidden inside a double closet door in the hallway, so there's no reason it has to be some beautiful part of our house, but a small place means it can be a fun and easy place to spruce up (I hope).  My plans are pretty easy:

  • Paint walls
  • Try out a fun stencil pattern on the main wall 
I'm not doing anything with the floor because it's simply not worth it to spend time/money on it.  But check out this inspiration:

Love this color/pattern (from the hilariously named blog: Oops, I Craft My Pants)  Wouldn't it be great to open up your laundry closet to that?  I even love the color (I think she used white, but I might use some shimmery silver).

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Vinnie said...

You could even do tone on tone, flat for the walls and high gloss for the pattern so it just subtly sticks out, but I am a big proponent of making every space beautiful so maybe a cute little rug on the floor? some cute magnets on the machines? and some awesome jars, and baskets to store the supplies? I love your inspiration!