Monday, August 18, 2014

New House: Laundry Room - Bling and Blue

Our sad little laundry room was a great place to add a big splash of color, so BLAMO!

Behold this amazing color - Acapulco Cliffs!  Closer up, you can check out the contrast, which I painted Ultra White by Valspar. (Both available at Lowe's).  Of course, after we started moving more things around I realized I already bought a quart of similarly colored blue paint for a failed bedroom redo.  But whatevs, I'll find something else to blue up.  I also rolled a layer of Ultra White by Behr on the side walls to make that blue really stand out.
Olympic's Acapulco Cliffs
Quite a big change from before...

And the bling you can find here:

I love digging through Anthropolgie's hardware and these glass bubble knobs were a perfect price ($8 each) and a nice, but not too crazy touch for the outside of the laundry doors.

Next up is adding the big detail to the wall, which I mentioned in my inspiration post.  I already bought the stencil - now to find the guts!

Total Cost: $16 for the knobs, $25 for the white paint (although I'll be using it elsewhere), $15 for the amazing blue paint.  Total thus far: $56.

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