Friday, October 16, 2009

Crafty Ali

When I get a good idea in my head, I can't forget about it, even if it's completely silly and difficult. That's how I ended up with the idea for making white whale cookies for my Law and Literature class to munch on while listening to my partner and I drone on about Herman Melville. Even though the story we were discussing wasn't Moby Dick, who wouldn't like to eat a white whale cookie?

But, I couldn't find a whale cookie cutter, so I'm thinking "how hard can making one be?" Turns out, it's very hard and time consuming, but here's how it went down. First, I went to Michael's to look for a cookie cutter, and I bought a fish one, but that's all they had. Whale are not fish, they're mammals (thank you, Star Trek 4) so I wasn't really that satisfied. Then, I stumbled upon this woman's blog where she discussed how SHE made a camel cookie cutter. Because whales are kinda blobby compared to camels, I thought that it would be a piece of cake. Or a piece of cookie to imitate.

Here's her site:

Here's the picture I started with:

So, it took about an hour, but here's how my cookie cutter came out:

And here's the cookie! A white whale with little red beady eyes. RAHR, MOBY DICK!

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Julia said...

This is awesome! Such a cute idea, too, while you're talking about Herman Melville.