Friday, February 19, 2010

House Hunting - part 4,000,000

Ugh, it's not even worth posting pictures and the like anymore. House hunting seriously blows. Everything in Massachusetts is one of the following:
1. 150 years old and not taken care of
2. New and a billion dollars
3. 150 years old, taken care of, and a billion dollars
4. Has only one bathroom
5. Is 142 miles from public transportation
6. Is being sold by complete assholes or people who think their pile of crap is worth a billion dollars
7. Has an asbestos heater
8. Has hardwood floors like a wave pool
9. Has no parking
10. Is still listed, but under agreement. Hopes. Destroyed.

So, the hunt continues for the elusive 3 bedroom, bath and a half single family house that isn't falling down and is within decent walking distance to some form of public transportation....but don't expect any more play by plays. It's just too depressing.

I will say, we've expanded our search to Salem. I'm praying to any wiccan gods that something decent pops up.

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