Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm like the Indiana Jones of fashion

So, after reading my friend Lisa's BLOG and making a lunch date with my good friend Katie, I decided to mix lunch with Lisa's inspirational clothing finds and drag Katie shopping in the vintage stores. Little did I know that Katie knew more stores than I did and ended up dragging me!

I definitely spent more than Lisa, but I got some sweet things:

First, Katie introduced me to the world of Buffalo Exchange, a consignment/vintage/used clothing store that my credit card wishes didn't exist, cause I'll be back. There I scored:

First, this super cute little dress. For some reason, I went straight to the dresses. What can I say? Dresses are pretty! Anyway, this is a knit gray on top and a bright purple on the bottom. The fabric on the bottom is kinda stiff, so it can create a nice shape to balance out the close-to-the-body top. I will wear this anywhere casual, and likely with bright colored flats. Price was $16.

Next I picked up this big chunky sweater. When I explained it to Jon, he was flabbergasted that women allow their clothes to be called chunky. We he suggested it's because they look chunky in the sweater, he got a death stare from yours truly. This sweater needs a tank under it, cause it's baggy, but it's got these cool big shoulders and would look cute with tight jeans and flats or with leggings and boots. Price was $30 - eek. More than I wanted to pay, but it was pretty awesome.

Finally at Buffalo, I found this AMAZINGLY adorable strapless polka dot dress from Betsey Johnson. Nowhere to wear it, of course, but it looked so cute on, and Katie promised to either get married and or throw a formal party so I didn't feel bad dropping $50 on it. But, I look really good in it, and I've always wanted to own a Betsey Johnson. So there.

We moved down the street, after me almost hitting the $100 mark and Katie buying NOTHING to the Somerville Goodwill. Now, just last week, Jon noticed my nice black peacoat has a big tear in it. It's just simply worn out. So, I was pretty psyched to get this navy blue shorter peacoat with purple buttons from Express for only $13. $13! The picture makes it look huge, but it actually does NOT make me look like an elephant.

I also picked up this cute sundress. In the summer, I hate wearing shorts. I don't like how my legs look in them, so I usually rock jeans year-round or find long capris. But, I really dig cute sundresses that are long enough to not make me look like a teenager, but are still cute. This one fit the bill for $13, and I especially like the back detail.

Moving on, we went to Poor Little Rich Girl, which I adore. I just love vintage stores. They had these great little jumpsuits that Zoey Deschanel is wearing these days, but each one went for $98 and I'm not sure how I'd wear that and not look ridiculous. I did pick up these great pants from the GAP. They are wool, but lined with pink satin or something, so very comfy. I need to dress business/casual for work, and this will look great with a black top or sweater.

And just when I thought we were done, Katie said "What about Artifactori?" Yikes. This is an adorable vintage store filled with all kinds of stuff. It's a bit out of the main Davis area, and most people don't know it's there. In fact, the owners were talking about how no one knows it's there to someone when we walked in. I picked up my favorite find of the day there, this awesome vintage yellow travel bag. Now I'll be tossing a bunch of crap purses that I hate so I can look all awesome and vintagey carrying this baby around. Price - $26.

So, that was my fashion dig for today. Thanks to Lisa for the inspiration and Kate for the company as I slowly and gradually replace my worn out law-student wardrobe with great pieces that stand out!!

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Lisa said...

Glad I could inspire you. I want to go to all those places, you scored some awesome stuff!! That Betsey Johnson dress is amazing and I'm so envious of that yellow bag!!