Monday, February 08, 2010

Break a leg! Augh, I broke my leg!

That's a funny line from the musical, The Producers.

Unfortunately, it's how my most recent show, Rumors started. Thursday night dress rehearsal, the night before the show, I'm out in the hallway practicing my "fight scene" with my fellow castmate and we hear a big crash from the stage. We peek onstage and hear the director yell "Can we have a hold?" That NEVER happens in dress rehearsal, because that's the night you have to keep going no matter what.

HOWEVER, this was a special case because our lead actor FELL OF THE SET AND BROKE HIS LEG!! Literally broke his ankle, tore some ligaments, and had to have surgery the next day....which is the day that we opened. Now, Brad's doing great, for a guy who'll be spending the next 10 weeks on crutches, for those of you who are all "Ali, you bitch, it's about him, not the show!" He's fine. Promise.

But the show....what were we to do? The director took the male castmember with the smallest part, and gave him the biggest. Then he brought in an outside person to come in and play the smallest role. Opening night arrives, and these guys are AMAZING. The new lead had the entire part MEMORIZED. Hell, I still mess up half of my lines, but he didn't need a book, didn't need cues from the stage manager. It was like Jesus Christ descended from above to play Ken Gorman in Rumors. Our new cop used a "cop notepad" that had his lines in it, but he barely peeked at it, and let's face it, he wasn't familiar with the show at ALL before coming on.

Bottom line, this show is hysterical. It's awesome and I'm so proud to be in it. See our great cast photo (with a pic of Brad above the stairs!)

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