Sunday, January 17, 2010

House Hunting - Part Three

After the day before's 4-day house hunt, Jon and I sat down and started to really dig deep into what was available in the area. After jotting down the addresses of some single-family places, Jon turned to me and said "Don't freak out about the price, but look at this place." He then proceeded to show me a multi-family house. Now, for those of you not in the area, a LOT of houses are older multi-family houses, which means that they have been turned into 2 or 3 apartments. We talked at one point about looking at multi-family houses, then decided to focus on single-families, but this multi-family was having an open house that started in the next 15 minutes, so we decided "what the hell" that we would swing by.

Holy gorgeousness. First off, I know. It's pink, salmon, whatever. I'm over that. This place was amazing. The owner is a stone mason or something and he'd renovated the entire inside. Granite counters, bedrooms with fireplaces, gorgeous tiles in the bathroom, a washer/dryer included with each unit. We are talking fabulousness. There are two apartments inside, each with 2 full bedrooms (maybe 3) and at least a bath and half, if not a bath and three quarters. It's FIVE minutes to walk to the T, and it's just so effing pretty. But, it's significantly more than a single-family. We'd live in one unit while renting the other, but is it enough? We made an appointment to look at it by ourselves with our agent tomorrow, so it remains to be seen. But seriously, this place is nice. We'll see what our agent thinks, since he always finds something wrong....

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Lisa said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous house! I love the turret!
Maybe if you get that Andy and I can move in with you.