Sunday, January 17, 2010

House Hunting - Part Two

Lots of houses looked at today, and by lots, I mean 4. I had a wicked headache by the end, not due to the hunting, but due to the jog I took earlier in the day. But, I digress, here were the houses we looked at on Saturday:

First, this house is the house where the bassett hounds live. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out an earlier video in my blog of barking, howling bassett hounds. It looks very pretty from the outside, has an above-ground pool and a beautiful deck. I walk by it every day on my way to the T, but I was curious why there were no pictures of the inside....until we got inside. First, the people that lived there were hoarders. Our agent thought they had NO intention of moving, and it would take these folks a year just to get all their stuff together. I mean...SO...MUCH...STUFF. Add that to the shoddy construction and the water damage, and we were out of there

Next we headed more towards Malden Center to look at this place. I know the seafoam green and weird vines on the fence aren't helping, but it had a really great porch, decent construction, small, but neat and well constructed rooms. It only had one bathroom, but a half could be added, as well as some counter space. There was a big fenced in yard and plenty of parking. And then we went downstairs and met the SNOWMAN. That's apparently the term for an asbestos heater, because it looks like a big paper mached snowman. Anyway, it's 7-10 THOUSAND dollards to replace, and I, for one, don't like cancer and don't like to try to rent cancer to tenants. Sad, but not for us

Just a few blocks away was this gem, built in 1996, which is totally uncommon for the area, considering how old Boston and the suburbs are. Most houses are caves from the 1300s, so something in the 20th century was a real treat. It had a brand new heating system, great layout, more modern feel. I really dug it. There was interest from others looking, so I know we would have to move fast. But, as we were driving away, we realized it was definitely NOT withing a 1/2 mile of the T stop. Turns out, it was almost a mile away, which is farther than we are NOW. good.

Our final stop of the day, and climax of my headache was this house, which is really close to the T. Although it was balmy in Boston that day, it was still a bit chilly, and the agent for the house was uber-late showing up, which is annoying. Then, he zipped us through all the rooms, so I hardly remember everything about it. It was...ok. Close to the T, garage, decent yard. But the inside just felt so old. Small rooms, older construction. I know we probably can't find a modern house here, but this was just a sad looking house. Nothing MAJOR. It's not going to fall down, but it looked tired. This house looked like it had run a 1/2 marathon and needed a nap. BUT, it was the most suited for us that day.

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