Sunday, January 10, 2010

House Hunting - Part 1

Yesterday Jon and I sat down with an agent recommended by my friend and classmate Robin. His name is Rodrigo, and he's fantastic. Honest, not pushy, happy to help, but happy to back off, he's everythin we could want in an agent. He took us through the buying process, how he works, expectations, etc, and we then discussed looking at houses. I had just seen a house go on the market that was advertised as a "Handyman's Special" so I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to be the house for us, BUT we were so anxious to get out there and looking, we agreed to go to the open house.

So, it was basically a complete shithole. You can see from the outside, it is one of those cool, classic New England houses, which we really like. The liking stopped there. The ceilings were so low I could touch them without getting on my toes. The floor was warped, the ceilings also dipped, and it had no fewer than 3 front doors, leading us to believe it had been used as an illegal multi-family in the past. The best part of the whole thing was that a quarter of the basement was rock. I mean, a big fucking boulder, as though it was landscaped. When they dug the foundation, they probably discovered a GIANT rock and thought "Well, hell, we'll just build the house on it!"

We didn't mind it being crappy at all. Rodrigo pointed out a lot of things to us to consider when looking, and it was a great learning experience. We're eager to look at more now!!


Lisa said...

It looks so pretty on the outside, that's a bummer that it was like that on the inside.

At least you know what you don't want now.

Sandy said...

I know if I found a giant boulder in the ground, my first thought would be to build a house on it. Um, except not.