Sunday, January 03, 2010

Have you heard the Rumors?

I'm in a new show! My good friend Lance is directing Neil Simon's "Rumors" in Haverhill, and when he lost and actress and had to recast a part, I got to audition. I got the role, and I'll be playing Cassie. Usually in shows I'm some wide-eyed ingenue type, but this time around I get to have fun. Cassie is a jealous, manipulative woman who loves picking fights with her husband, and, thinking he's having an affair, decides to starting hitting on everyone at a party they're attending. And that's not even the point of the show! The guests are all trying to hide the fact that the hostess is missing and the host is upstairs having been shot through the earlobe.

If you are around and want to go, the show is in February - email me about tickets!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Ooo, sounds good!

I definitely want to see it! Let me know when the shows are going to be.