Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Last Week of Law School

Well, this was it. A short, 3-day week, and my last of regular law school classes. Like being pregnant, it all seems surreal. I remember what I wore the first day of class, I remember blogging about my first week (see my first week of law school), I remember all the initial nerves, panic, and finally relief when it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.

So to recap my last week, here goes:

Monday - As a third year taking a clinic, I work in the in-house legal clinic, which I have from 9-5 on Mondays. I realize that with only a few days left to put in clinic time, I've got a crapload to do. Court appearance, transfer memos, and one client who wants me to file a million things before I leave. I work out a good timeline one when I'm going to do everything that, let's face it, I'll probably either lose or ignore. I come home and take a 2 1/2 hour nap instead of working on my take-home final for Landlord-Tenant law that's due on Wednesday. Then I completely veg out watching Dancing with the Stars, pick up my husband at the T, and am ready to head to bed when the dog falls down the stairs and rips off his dew claw. Jon and I spend the next hour trying to clean/bandage it.

Tuesday - I have my last bar review class with this crazy professor who has dubbed our class the "Ninja Bar Turtles." Seriously. I'm 31. Anyway, he gives us some info on Evidence rules that I promptly ignore and then, the best part of the semester: He shows us THIS to motivate us to CHOP the bar exam. Best part of my day. After that, I was off to the library to work on that take-home final and I got one of two questions finished. Then I went to my last clinic class where we were given yet another pointless assignment due in a week and forced to listen to other people's problems. Meh. Craving nachos, I was talked into a nice dinner at Finale with a couple of ladies from the clinic (including Molly) which was delicious, but did not sit well with my stomach. Back to the library to crank out more Lanlord-Tenant Law take-home. Finish that, but am not super stoked at my answers. At 9:30pm, the student government had the last meeting of the year out at MJ O'Conners, which sucked because I can't drink, but had delicious appetizers.

Wednesday - Slept in a bit, which is nice, and head down to school to do some last minute polishing of the take-home final, due at 2pm. With that finished, I headed to a professor's office, as I am his research assistant. This is a pretty old and grumpy professor, and he made my next-to-last day pretty rough, demanding ridiculous things, then blaming me when I did them. If only I wasn't pregnant, my next stop would have been Sweetwater, the local bar. I ducked out of there to turn in my take-home final, where my awesome prof had purchased pizza for everyone. We all sat around just chatting for a while and I talked with her about being pregnant with hopes she would take pity on my poor take-home final (throwing my kid under the bus already!) I ended my law school career in Animal Law, which is the worst class I've taken in law school. The professor refused to put a time limit on our final presentations, and because I was the last one to go, I had 4 minutes to discuss a case that lasted for 9 years, as opposed to another girl who talked for an hour about her cat. Seriously, she put up a picture of her cat with its paw on a computer with the words "BENGAL CATS ARE SMART!" I forsee many many cats in her future. And...that was it! To treat myself, I took a cab home from the T stop to avoid the wind and rain and I vegged out and watched TV all night.

I'm still not done with things - I have another take-home to work on, a final in my bar review class, and lots of clinic work to wrap up. BUT, no more classes in law school!!!

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I can't believe you didn't write about Rami's.