Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Baby Post

To get into a topic that seems to be of hot debate (guys, feel free to tune out about now if this picture didn't scare you away already): Breastfeeding. Everyone wants to ask me about my boobs. I'm not going to do it. I'm pretty sure it's not going to kill my child. My biggest reason for not wanting to breastfeed is that I'm not sure when I'll be expected to go to Air Force training, and I want to be able to get back into training mode shape as soon as possible. I'm pretty sure, even though it's the Air Force, they aren't going to give me extra time during the day to pump my breasts. Not having to wean a 3-month old because I have an Air Force school slot sounds pretty good to me. As for bonding and all of that, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to bond with my baby. I do plan on feeding him/her, after all, and I'm hoping that 's the time when we can do a little bonding. Plus, with formula, Jon can partake in more of the night feeds, which makes me get more sleep which makes me happy. Anyway, I'm sure people will oppose and have opinions, and you're welcome to them. But that's the stance that I'm taking.

This week is my last week of the first trimester. The nausea seems to have subsided (knock on porcelain) and while I'm still tired, I can usually push through the day ok. informs me that dizziness is my next "fun" symptom to watch out for. I now have two pairs of maternity jeans because my regular jeans are just a smidgen small, but it's almost summer, the season of the flowy dress, so who cares?!

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Kristine said...

All of my kids were formula fed...and I think so far they turned out great. I feel it is a personal choice...and though others my have their opinions on what is best it is your baby not theirs. (so times i had to keep repeating that to myself when others asked why i wasn't breastfeeding and how I was ruining my child...grrr...but I didn't see them offering up their boob).
As far as the bonding goes, you can do that while feeding them a bootle or holding them. it is not only formed through breastfeeding.
And it is nice to have the hubby to you don't have to do all of the 2am feedings :)
enjoy the flowy dresses...