Monday, May 03, 2010

Man, do I love to read. So much, I thought about asking for a Kindle, but can a Kindle fold in your hand? Does a Kindle have that great musty-book smell? Can you write your name in a cool little bookplate for a Kindle? Can you borrow friends' Kindles and never return them? No, you cannot, friends.

Today was a $1 paperback day at the Used Bookstore (that's actually the genius name of the store) in the Square One Mall in Saugus, and I picked up 10 treasures. I bought The Other Bolyen Girl, a Bill Bryson book, the last two Shopaholic books, a couple fiction books about Queen Guineviere, Eat Pray Love, and some other books I can't wait to devour. My goal is to have a library in my house, and, truth be told, I've got the books, just need the shelves!

Yeah, not an interesting post, but I was so happy with this book sale, I had to share :-)


Nick said...

I got a Kindle for Christmas, and I LOVE it. But, I go back to my old fashioned books quite a bit as well. You can't beat that crack from a fresh spine or that smell from an old yellow paperback!

Sandy said...

I remember way back in one of the Star Trek movies someone was making fun of Kirk for having actual leatherbound paper books, and I thought, "I would NEVER give up real paper books!" And I never will. The anticipation of physically turning pages, the crisp feel and smell of the paper, the dog-eared pages of a well-loved volume...that just can't be matched by a Kindle, cool as they probably are. I guess I'm just too tactile for technology.