Thursday, May 13, 2010

There's an alien in my belly

Jon and I went to Texas last weekend for a wedding (Congrats to Cynthia and Pat!) and it turns out that everything is bigger in Texas. Or at least they have more 3-way mirrors, because our first night there, I checked out my reflection in the side mirror of the hotel, and there was a belly staring back at me. While I had possibly admitted I had a baby bump before, this was a baby mountain staring back at me. My normal non-pregnant self is pretty tall and scrawny. It still is now....except for the bump. I look like I swallowed a giant egg whole, like some weird boa constrictor. Rest assured that when I put on my pajama pants and tank top, I was back to looking cute-pregnant instead of weird-pregnant. I guess that when you're wearing clothes, you can pretend you've just slid a pillow under your shirt or something.

Jon immediately did the right thing and assured me that "It's beautiful! It's our baby!" Meanwhile, I remain slightly grossed out. Don't get me wrong, I'm so stoked we are having a baby, but seeing it form and get bigger, and eventually (gulp) kick around, is just plain weird, and nothing can prepare you for that.

And it's only month three....


syngerma said...

Thanks for the update. You and Jon are so well travelled - I'd love to see that world map someday (marking in red, all the places combined, the Beachs' have been). You write so well and maybe it's because I'm an actor, but when I read this post, I think about the parallels to my own writings(it always comes back to being about me!!).

You are looking at this pregnancy and the changes happening to your body and you are applying your usual humor - while back over on my page, I have the same type of musings (although my humor is sometimes viewed as rudeness - go figure!) I think there's even a similarity between the rationalization / mindset that you can pretend something with clothes on that you can't when you are stripped naked = my naked vs. clothed weigh-ins.

I'm very happy for you and that you share your thoughts in words. Keep it up!

syngerma said...
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syngerma said...
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Anonymous said...

Ali, that picture is hysterical.