Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bar Review Update

It's JULY! As my husband, the person who is NOT taking the bar exam this month, so graciously reminded me, the bar exam is just a few weeks away.

We've covered the big 6 topics that will be on the multiple choice, though my comprehension of all of the material is sketchy at best. I'm hopefully on the Massachusetts distinctions, and I haven't really touched essays, other than to walk out halfway through a mock essay exam this morning, because I simply didn't know the rules. Wow, what the hell have I been doing with my time?

I've spent a great deal of time on multiple choice questions, which are the anchor of the bar exam. Tomorrow I'll go to the actual bar testing site and take a 200 questions mock exam to see how I'm doing. Should be interesting.

I'm taking Saturday and Sunday off of studying. It's a holiday weekend, I've got unpacking to do, and I need to set up my Bar Exam HQ so come Monday, I can put my head down and look up in 4 weeks to find that the test is over.

My friend Andi and I were assuring each other last night that only 10% of first time takers in Massachusetts fail, and we could name 10/100 people we think should fail, which didn't include us. Catty, but hopeful.

So, other than one picnic to go to on Bastille Day, I am OUT for get-togethers for the rest of July. I hope all your events without me go well and that everyone pauses for a moment of silence to mourn my situation.

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Lisa said...

I feel honored that you are giving up precious study time tomorrow so that Andy and I can see your new house and be in your presence.