Thursday, July 08, 2010

Complete lack of style

Oh to be young, thin, have days filled with nothing to do, and stylish. Instead, I'm in my 30s, 5 months pregnant and continuing to expand, and studying for the bar exam day in and day out. And my "style" is now limited to sundresses, flip flops, and all of my hair pulled into a knot.

My hair is what pisses me off the most. It's coarse, greying, curly, and thick. I can't straighten on my own, even though the Instyler infomercial almost had me. It's too hot and humid to wear down. My forehead is big, so I need bangs, that must be straightened. I'm not supposed to color it because I'm pregnant. So, I get up early to wash and condition it only to pull it up in a bun which I could have done WITHOUT washing it, saving me precious minutes of sleep. And so far, every stylist I've been do does the same thing to it, and I hate it all. I can't cut it short, look weird with it long, so it hangs out in halfway town bugging the hell out of me.

As for pregnancy fashion in a Boston heat wave. Ha. First off, pregnancy clothes are too expensive because the stores know you need them, so they overcharge. Luckily, I picked up some baggy sundresses in the regular section that suffice. Granted, everyone's wearing them, so I don't feel out of place, but I long for the days where I used to actually think about my clothes instead of saying "which of my 5 dresses haven't I worn yet this week?"

Here's hoping Avery (the baby) turns out to be an uber-stylish gay man, a la Kurt from Glee who can fix his mom!


Amanda said...

I feel for you, girl. I want to jump off a bridge, or at the very least go sit in a pool and never get out and I can't imagine being pregnant right now. More power to you!!

Oh, and by the way, I've been told the hair-coloring thing is false. It used to be true 20 or 30 years ago because back then they put different things in the color. Of course, I'm not an expert, nor am I pregnant. But I discussed this with a recently pregnant friend who did some research. Just sayin'. :)

Julia said...

I bought a new product called the Goody Spin looks like two long screws. They're amazing for putting your hair into a bun...I use them for a low side bun. Now you know how thick my hair is and they keep the hair completely intact. You don't have an ugly hair band showing and you don't have to use 20+ bobby pins. Just an idea if you need a new bun style :) I got it at Walgreens for $6...haven't found them at CVS yet.