Friday, July 09, 2010

Crunch Time

So last week I took a simulated bar exam and scored a 55.5%, which BARBRI assures me is in the "green zone" for where I need to be. That's 111 out of 200 right, and I'm only shooting for about a 128 or so, so I'm not really in a bad place. But, MAN, does a 55.5% look horrible. Con Law and Contracts are my worst subjects, but when I took the test, I hadn't reviewed them very well yet.

From now until the bar, the plan is as follows:
1 - Stay off Facebook. Yep, tonight's my last night of Treasure Madness. Other than to hopefully post my party invite a few more times, I gotta stay off of there.
2 - Trust in my DVR. My shows aren't going anywhere. However, I will still watch the Bachelorette, but since already informed me of what happens this season, I can watch in bit by bit during meals.
3 - Focus more on Con Law and Contracts. Obviously. I did a big Con Law review over the last few days and feel better. I hit Contracts tomorrow.
4 - Go over the simulated test. BARBRI is nice enough to give you video lectures of each question and why the answer you picked was wrong and the others were right. This is priceless because you really pick up some good tips there. And you can find where you made stupid mistakes and not make them again.
5 - Essay practice. Ugh. I hate practicing essays, but they do take up a whole day of the bar exam. Which makes them important.
6 - Ignore all household chores. The only good thing about this exam.
7 - Eat whatever I want. Oh wait, I found out something else good about the exam. Exam makes me sad. Food makes me happy. Thus, I will eat lots of food.
8 - RSVP "no" to everything. Even things I've already RSVPed "yes" to.
9 - Pretend I'm not pregnant. It won't score me points. Better to pretend Avery's not there.
10 - Just to have a #10, I've got to remember to relax. I'm going to try to schedule a couple of massages in the next couple of weeks just to relax myself and give myself an hour where I'm not thinking about the bar exam. I still want to take Dash down to the ocean every morning because it feels great to start your day with your feet in the ocean.

So, I think that's a pretty good plan. I've got my days organized, and my biggest problem now is focus and discipline. I just have to keep my head down for 3 weeks and it will all be over.

Post bar plans consist of a party at my house, a trip to Atlantic City, and a wedding to attend! Plenty of fun to look forward to!

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