Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bar Review Update

OK, well, BARBRI is over, and that $2700 was well-spent. After weeks of in-depth lectures, practice exams, outlining, etc, I feel every dollar of panic that I paid for. The bar exam is in two weeks, and other than a few optional lectures to attend and another practice test, I'm pretty much on my own.

I've put in lots of time with Con Law and especially Contracts, but I keep not performing well on the Contracts multiple choice. I learn a new rule with every wrong answer, but damn, at what point are we out of rules?? Tomorrow I'm going to an option review of each subject to see if there's anything major that I'm missing. I AM doing much better, especially on third party issues in contracts which was a major problem for me. I haven't focused as much on essays as I probably should, but there are still two weeks left. I'm definitely reviewing all the material that the essay covers, I just haven't outlined many of them, instead focusing on the multiple choice which is way more important.

So check this out. Mass has ridiculous rules (I know, I was shocked, too) as to what you can bring into the exam. For starters, nothing that makes sense. No purses. Not only can you not bring a purse, if you do, you can't put it at the side of the room or check it anywhere. I guess you leave it on the street. No drinks except CLEAR water in CLEAR bottles. No mechanical pencils. Oh, and for funsies, all of your crap you bring in, INCLUDING YOUR LUNCH, have to fit in this bag:

So, over the next two weeks, I'm focusing on about three subjects a day, reviewing outlines, doing multiple choice, and will start outlining essays. I keep chanting "90% pass rate, 90% pass rate" to myself, but the fear of being in other 10% makes me want to vomit.

Jon asked me something tonight I thought I would mention. The pregnancy hasn't bothered me at all during bar prep. Granted, we tried, AND SUCCEEDED, in timing it so I'd be in my second trimester during the bar exam, but it's really been ok, other than having a big belly. Avery's been kicking a lot, which makes me smile. A good thing, since bar prep sure as hell doesn't give anyone reason to smile. My energy returned this trimester, and the nausea faded. Sadly, the caffeine intake increased, but the little guy is just going to have to deal with an imperfect mother. Lots of people were born with smoker/drinker mothers, so I feel ok. In fact, after the bar exam, my school throws a party with free booze, and I'm having a glass of wine. Just try to stop me!


Anonymous said...

I am taking the MA July also. I could not afford to take a review class so I was very happy when you posted where you should be in terms of the MBE score. I only knew what I should be striving for on the essays.
In terms of the essays, is there a reason you haven't focused more on them?

Ali said...

I simply haven't had the time.

Anonymous said...

I can definitely understand that! I can not believe how much stuff there is to remember! Lol. Well, if it helps, there is always a Domestic Relations, Contracts, Evidence, Torts and Criminal Law question. Doesn't Bar/Bri also give you their predictions of what type of essays will be tested?