Saturday, October 02, 2010

Childbirth Class and Corn Maze

I'll let you guess which was one was more fun.

So, Jon and I paid a lot of money to go to this 2-day childbirth class at Beverly Hospital where I'll be popping out baby Avery in a few weeks.  I was most looking forward to learning infant CPR.  Instead, the entire day was focused on "look what's happening to your body" and how to breathe during stages of labor.  Enh...not completely unhelpful, but watching a woman who is not pregnant pretend to have contractions and squeeze out a baby was weird.  Also watching her make the baby chase her boob around almost made Jon and I completely lose it.  And I was the only pregnant lady drinking coffee.  Tee hee.  Anyway, we have to go back tomorrow, and we get to watch the childbirth video.  Although I won't be watching a baby actually come out of a person.  I saw it in junior high, and it was gross, and I bet it's still gross.

But, we quickly moved on to Connor Farms which was nearby.  I found this place when I googled "apple picking".  They don't have apple picking anymore, cause they are out of season now, but they advertised this bitchin' corn maze.  That's right, it's Clint Eastwood!

And no worries if you get lost during the maze.  This is 2010 after all:

But, never fear, we made it out.

We also managed to pick some raspberries and bought some monkey bread which will serve as a sweet breakfast for tomorrow.  Something to look forward to vomiting up while I watch some 1970s childbirth video.  Yippee!!


Anonymous said...

The video is still really gross. Have fun!!! -Leah

Lisa said...

I remember watching that video in high school, I wonder if they still show the same one.

Those raspberries look delicious! I've never done a corn maze before, but it looks like fun.