Thursday, October 07, 2010

House Design - part 3

Well it's more NURSERY design than keeping with our Beachy house theme, but I'm excited to finally show off what I've been working on!  Avery's room has a jungle theme, and I wanted to create something that was personal from me to him.  Scouring the internet for ideas for his room, I found these posters on by Yuko Lau.  They are super cute.  I love the peekaboo animals, but the price was kinda much.  Here is the actual giraffe poster, and you can find the other animals here: Other Animal Posters

The posters are gorgeous, but a fairly simple concept, and I used to be great in high school art, so I thought I would give painting the same picture myself a whirl and see how they turned out.  For $20 I got 5 canvasses, picked out 5 of the animals, and used some of Jon's old acrylic paint from when he was doing some art projects in Germany and got to work.

It started with a pencil sketch:

And then I added in all the color, one color at a time:

Until all the colors were filled in:

Next, each painting got some outlining to make everything pop, and voila, I was done!
They aren't perfect, but they are cute and created by me.  I've got the giraffe and the tiger done (OOPS I just noticed I forgot to put the whiskers on the tiger!!), but have to finish outlining the rest.  And the best thing is that they were very inexpensive, gave me something fun to do, and they are super portable so Avery can use them until he decides he's too grownup for a jungle animal room!


Julia said...

LOVE these!!!! Wow, you are creative!

Lisa said...

These are absolute adorable. Avery is so lucky to have such a talented mama.

Anonymous said...

This sort of reminds me of the TLC show "Trading Spaces" and one of the 'projects' that Frank Bellac would give to the neighbor - the before and after shots would be admired by all - how clever and inexpensive.
Ingenius - and someday, 'Avery' will covet these pics as they become the hand-me-downs to the next 'Baby-Beach' to populate the nursery.
Great job!