Friday, October 08, 2010

Saving the Cash

So with a house payment, car payment, student loans around the corner, regular expenses, and, oh yeah, a money-sucking baby on the way, I'm trying to think of ways to save money.  Here's what I've come up with thus far:

- Beauty treatments:  As much as I enjoy a professional pedicure, and as hard as it is to reach my feet these days, because I prefer light colored polish that just looks kinda shiny, I can do this myself.  Messups aren't as obvious with light polish, so this is an easy fix.

- Entertainment:  I think I will cancel my Netflix.  It's not a lot every month, but I'm not watching the DVDs that come in the mail, and I rarely turn on the instant streaming, opting instead for the DVR.  I think I'll suspend the account for a few months and see how it goes.  Also, Jon and I should head to Revere when we want to see a movie instead of the slightly closer Peabody because Revere gives a great military discount.

- House:  Jon and I have been pretty good about inexpensive ways to do what we want with the house. We paint ourselves, I painted my own animal pictures for the nursery, I take my own photos and blow them up cheap for decoration, and I pick up little things at Family Dollar instead of Target. 

Does anyone else have some good money-saving tips??


Anonymous said...

Baby-saving tips - Craigs list or a mommy group. Also, dont discount garage sales and Darling doubles sales. I was able to get almost all of Caedons fall/winter wardrobe for about 20 bucks, and tons of toys and books for about the same.
And when Avery starts eating solids around 6 months, it is super easy to make him food. The only baby food I buy is the stuff with the meat in it. Anything with fruit of veggies, I make myself. But we can talk about that when the time comes :)

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly galling to call out an 11 year old child on your blog....the national attention that this child will recive being in a production with Wanda Sykes...far outweighs your petty should be throwing her a party and not worrying about your ridiculous production.

Justin said...

@Anonymous (the second one): Your comment would carry more weight if:

1. You used spell-check. Or, if that's not available, you learned to spell.
2. You eased off on the ellipses. The second one doesn't make any sense at all.
3. You posted it on the relevant blog entry.
4. You didn't drastically overvalue the importance of acting alongside Wanda Sykes--and/or the importance of Wanda Sykes in general.
5. You weren't so annoyingly over-dramatic with your use of the English language. "Incredibly galling?" Really? You find it "incredibly galling" that a blogpost talks about the conflicting issues of honoring a commitment and a talented kid getting a good opportunity? Keep a stiff upper lip there, butter-cup. It'll be okay: I promise the incredibly galled feeling will fade with time.
6. You didn't conclude your post by taking a swipe at something someone else thinks is important--you see how doing that undercuts the rest of your point, right?
7. You used your name when throwing harpoons at other people.