Monday, November 08, 2010

Last pregnancy post?

This could be the last post about being pregnant with Avery!  YAY!

So, it's week 39 for me, and a normal pregnancy is 40 weeks, so it's really any-time-now to have the baby.  For most of my pregnancy, I would think of things or events that had to happen BEFORE the baby was born.  Like, I have to take the bar exam before the baby is born, I have to get my results, I have to fly to California for Gabi's wedding, I have to go to the opening of Willy Wonka, etc, etc.  Well, I'm out of events!

I'm seeing the doctor once a week, who assures me that Avery's doing great.  I'm wicked uncomfortable, which I'm told is a good sign, albeit horrible for sleeping.  We either received from others or picked up all the things we feel like we need immediately for Avery, the house is (fairly) clean, bags are packed, lists are made, we've got someone to watch Dash.  Now it's just a waiting game!  Today, I have to finish one little nursery project, and then the rest of my day consists of sitting around and watching TV, just because I have nothing else to do.  Pretty awesome.

I had a contraction on the way to Willy Wonka the other day, so I had to have a little talk with Avery about staying in through opening night (he did!).  Yesterday morning I had stomach cramps which turned out to NOT be pregnancy related, but made me go through a moment of panic "Is this it? Is this it?".  So the waiting game kinda sucks, but as anxious as I am, I'm starting to get a bit nervous (epidural on standby, please!)

Hopefully the next baby post will include pictures of our little guy!!

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Military Life, Military Wife said...

I can't believe you are getting ready to have the baby! Paul and I will have to make a trip to Lynn to meet Avery after you guys are settled and after I hit 30 weeks. So excited for you!