Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The First Thing I'd Plug

Celebrities plug crap all the time.  And get paid tons to do it.  But I always wonder if they actually USE the product.  I mean, the company is obviously the one who contacts the celebrity.  No celebrity is thinking "this mascara is so great, I'm going to see if Cover Girl will let me tell the world!" 

But, if I was a celebrity, I would contact Schick and ask if I could plug their Intuition razors and blades.  These things are AMAZING.  I hate shaving so much, but this makes it almost enjoyable.  You don't even feel the razor hit your skin, but all your hair is gone.  I've only nicked myself perhaps twice in the years I've been using these.  Seriously, spend the money, try it out, love it.  I love it so much, I'd plug them for free!  I will never ever shave with anything else, and today was thinking of buying tons of them in case the company every goes under.

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melanie said...

i want one!