Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Finds!

Not having a job is quite dangerous because it leads to surfing the internet which leads to online shopping.  I rarely get out of the house anymore, so I don't do a ton of regular shopping, thanks to baby and New England weather.  But sometimes I find things that I like so much, I just can't resist, so I'm thinking of sharing my good finds on my blog once a week.

1 - Wednesday's Woot was a 48 pack of one-time-use toothbrushes.  Easy to throw in a purse, and you don't even need water to activate them!  Cost: $10

2 - Wednesday's LivingSocial was a $20 voucher for $10.  Easy math problem there.

3 - Baby art cards.  I read that babies see best in black and white, and these looked adorable.  Now Avery will be the SMARTEST BABY ALIVE!!  Cost: $19

4 - Ordered double photos of all the pictures I took of Avery during his second month.  I try to do this every month to keep up with the photo collecting.  I am going to put them all in one album.  My mom recently gave my sisters and me each an album filled with photos of us as kids, and it was great having them all.  Cost: $18

I WANTED to buy this awesome jacket from that I saw in my Instyle magazine ($4 - another purchase this week) but everyone who read the magazine had the same idea because they are sold out of the jacket unless you are a size extra-small, which I am not, even PRE-baby.  So, I bookmarked the site and I'm stalking it daily waiting for the restock.

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