Saturday, January 22, 2011


Do you ever have the same dream or nightmare over and over?  I have the exact same nightmare (with a few changes here and there) and it's driving me crazy.  I have it at least once every two months.  The dream goes a-like so:

I'm in college or law school and it's the end of the semester AND the end of my time there, so I'm about to graduate.  I took ONLY the number of credits I needed to graduate (this was true in law school) so I have to pass all of my classes.  The first week of the semester, I went to my geology class (I can see the book with pictures of rock and crystals in it) and I thought it was horrible, but instead of dropping it, I just stopped going.  The dream usually starts at the end of the semester during finals and I have a huge geology exam I have to take because I didn't drop the class.  I have to do well on it because I didn't attend class and take quizzes or turn in assignments the entire semester, and I have no time to study and no idea what to study.  In the dream, I'm furious at myself for not dropping the class.  I usually wake up completely panicked and have to remind myself that I'm not in school anymore.

Last night the dream was a little different in that I was ok cramming for the exam, but I couldn't remember when the test was.  I was somewhere on a Monday running around trying to remember if my test was Monday or Tuesday, assuring myself it was Tuesday, but being afraid that I missed the exam altogether.

Any ideas as to what this means?  The dream dictionaries online say that to dream you are taking an exam signifies insecurities and fear of failure.  Well, who isn't afraid to fail?  And the only thing I'm insecure about at the moment is this 15 or so pounds of baby weight I'm hauling around.

Also, just a fun fact - the most common dream I have is that I'm losing a tooth, and one site said that "tooth" is the MOST common search word in their dream dictionary.  Interesting...

Does anyone else have the same recurring nightmare??


Lisa said...

I have "late" dreams all the time, especially about my being late to work. I've never had a dream of a tooth falling out but I have had dreams where my hair falls out.

Nick said...

I have had the "quit going to a class" dream but it usually stems around a psychology or Poly Sci class. And I have another recurring dream where all my teeth fall out... I think it just means I'm insane, but we all know that to be true!