Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 months!

Avery turned 3 months old on Valentines Day!  Here's what he's up to:

- sleeping through the night!  Usually a blissful 10 hours, sometimes an odd 12 hours or 7 hours. He did this for the first time right after he turned 2 months, but he will ONLY sleep all night in his car seat.  So we leave him in it.  I put him in his crib for naps during the day, and at some point, we'll start moving him to the crib at night.  But it's so nice getting lots of sleep!
- smiling.  A lot!  He loves seeing either me or Jon
- tongue action.  He really loves it when people stick their tongues out at him and he tries to do it back
- general baby cooing.  This usually follows the tongue action.
- laughing.  Ok, well not yet, but he's SOOO close!
- pooping.  Yeah, everyone poops, I read the book too.  But after his two month birthday, Avery decided to start setting records.  He went from pooping once every day or every other day to needing about 5 diaper changes based on poop a day.  Makes for bad smells and diaper rash.  He generally likes to wait until we've changed him to poop again.

We've been dealing with a few issues.  Diaper rash comes and goes, and it's a pain in the ass not only for him literally, but for us.  We usually give him "air time" by laying him on his belly and opening his diaper so his little naked butt can air out.  He also turns his head to the right so much that his grandma pediatrician said we need to correct it.  So, we are continuing our "necksercises" but more intensely by making sure he lays with his head to the left when he gets his "air time".  He hates it, but after two days, he started to lean to the left dramatically.  Yay!  He also had a bad case of "cradle cap" which is really just dried skin and junk on the top of his head.  Some baby oil, dandruff shampoo, and a little scraping with a baby comb helped out here.

What I find interesting are the phases we go through as parents.  We had the swaddle phase where we kept him bundled up 100% of the time and couldn't get enough little blankets.  Now we hardly use those blankets for anything and we are on to using washcloths like crazy in an effort to soap-and-water his tush every time he poops.  We are moved from the "jedi shirt" phase, which meant he wore a little white wrap shirt with mittens every day and we are now in the "mitten" phase.  He outgrew the jedi shirts and now we put him in mittens.  Even after filing and cutting his nails, he still manages to scratch himself up.

Hopefully next month I can announce he's laughing, is toilet trained, and has a job!

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