Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A reminder of the rules:
  1. The first person to leave a comment claiming something gets it.  Please include your full name in case I don't know which "Brian" or "Jennifer" you are!!
  2. You can have what you claim, but only if there is a free way to get it to you.  Basically, this means if you live in the Boston area and it's likely I'm going to see you in the next few months.  Until we can meet up, I'll hold it aside for you. We are having a big farewell party before you move, so if you can come to that, I'll hold it until then. Or, if it's really lightweight, I might mail it to you.  I'll put "will mail" next to the things that I'll mail.
  3. Umm...that's pretty much all the rules.
Today's Giveaways:
  1. Rollerblades.  Size 8, and fit me well.  I'm a 7 1/2 normal shoe size.  These are GREAT rollerblades that I've only worn a few times in Germany.  I wish I had time/a place to rollerblade, but I'm being realistic to say I probably will never go rollerblading again.
  2. Margarita glasses.  Three of them.  Why not a set of four?  I broke one.
  3. Nancy Drew Computer Games.  Ok, I'm 31, but these are really fun games!  I love the Nancy Drew games, and they are actually pretty challenging.  I often have to cheat. (will mail). 
  4. Wedding scrapbook set.  Lots of pieces for those scrapbook maniacs! (will mail).
  5. Two little wooden boxes.  Jon gave me a couple of watches that came in these.  Nice display case for your jewelry if you sell it or just want to give someone a watch in a nice box.  Or other stuff. 
  6. LEFTOVERS:  Still leftover from the last giveaway is a 5-foot artificial Christmas tree and Season 2 of Sex in the City!


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