Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I'm doing a major houseclean before we move to Washington, DC, and let's face it, we all have a ton of stuff we don't need.  So, I plan to lower the amount of my stuff and add to yours by giving away various things.  Everything is in good condition, unless otherwise stated, it's just stuff that we no longer need/want or don't want to haul to DC.   If nobody wants it, it goes to Goodwill/Salvation Army, but I enjoy knowing that my stuff goes to a good home. I'm just putting up a few items to see if these even works.  If it does, there will be more giveaways!

Here's the rules:
  1. The first person to leave a comment claiming something gets it.
  2. You can have what you claim, but only if there is a free way to get it to you.  Basically, this means if you live in the Boston area and it's likely I'm going to see you in the next few months.  Until we can meet up, I'll hold it aside for you. We are having a big farewell party before you move, so if you can come to that, I'll hold it until then. Or, if it's really lightweight, I might mail it to you.  I'll put "will mail" next to the things that I'll mail.
  3. Umm...that's pretty much all the rules.
 Today's Giveaway Items:
  • Sex and the City complete series on DVD.  I also have an extra Season 2, so that's up for grabs also.
  • 5-foot artificial Christmas tree.  We used this for 2 years.  It's a cute extra tree.  This year we put it on a coffee table behind our couch so it looked like a 6 foot tree instead. 
  • Bookend: the letter "H" (it used to be my maiden name initial, but now I'm married and it doesn't make sense!)  Perfect for the "H" in your life.
  • Wicker basket.  It holds things.
  • Bright yellow Isaac Mizrahi purse from Target.  Has a tiny little smudge on it, but it's super cute. I think I used it once and just don't want it anymore.  The Today show just said that bright colors are "in" for spring, so maybe this will put you in a springy mood. (will mail)

Please note the smudge. 


Michelle said...

Hey Ali, I would like to take that purse off your hands!

Allyson said...

Al - can I claim the 'H' bookend for Hammerstedt? :) Hope you are well!!

Ash said...

I'll take the SATC DVD's!

Lisa said...

That wicker basket looks like it would hold knitting quite well. If no one's grabbed it yet I will!

Ali said...

Michelle - which Michelle are you? Want to send it to the right person. Please email me your address!