Saturday, February 05, 2011

Project - Frames

This is just a small taste to the bathroom remodel, but here is a cute and easy art project I did.

My bathroom has a big blank green wall, and with a shower curtain providing the main art of the room in the form of a leaf and nature-like patter, I wanted some kind of branch art to put on the wall.  Why buy something when you can make it yourself?  My mom and I headed to Michael's and purchase a big bunch of grapevine-like craft sticks. My original idea was to bunch sticks together and hang these bunches up, but this didn't work.  Then, I remembered I had picked up some $1 frames at the Dollar Store for use in a future art project.  So, I took these and painted them brown.

I then used our garden cutters and trimmed pieces of the sticks off and haphazardly attached them to the frame with a glue gun.

The finished frame looks like this.

I wanted to go to The Paper Store and get a neat postcard or card or something to put in the middle of the frame, but I couldn't find ANYTHING that I liked, so I just decided to hang them up solo.  I love how they break up the green wall and carry on the motif.

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