Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here's the rules:

  1. The first person to leave a comment claiming something gets it.  But let me know who you are so I don't give something to the wrong person!
  2. You can have what you claim, but only if there is a free way to get it to you.  Basically, this means if you live in the Boston area and it's likely I'm going to see you in the next few months.  Until we can meet up, I'll hold it aside for you. We are having a big farewell party before you move, so if you can come to that, I'll hold it until then. Or, if it's really lightweight, I might mail it to you.  I'll put "will mail" next to the things that I'll mail.
  3. Umm...that's pretty much all the rules.
Today's Giveaways:
  • iRobot vacuum Roomba thingy.  It works, we love it, we just don't use it very much.  It comes with a little lighthouse contraption that acts as a laser wall so the robot doesn't go where it's not supposed to
  • Dark wood mail holder with a little drawer.  It even comes with little numbers on the slots if you pay your bills via mail old-timey like.
  • Cake decorating stuff.  New from IKEA, never used, as I never got into my cake decorating phase other than to wish I knew how to do it and buy something to decorate cakes with.  There's a bunch of cutouts for fondant (I think) and a kit that has a few texture tools, an icing bag, etc. (will mail)
  • Law school books.  WAIT!  Before you stop reading because these are stupid to give away, they would be excellent props for a theater.  Just rip out all the pages (and my years of hard work) and glue the bindings.  Excellent if you are doing a show with a trial in it like To Kill a Mockingbird or Parade. Or if you just want to impress your lady friends. 
  • LEFTOVERS: 5-foot tall artificial Christmas tree, Sex and the City season 2  (will mail), Various Nancy Drew computer games (will mail), awesome rollerblades, 3 margarita glasses, two little wooden jewelry boxes, wedding scrapbook set (will mail).  All still up for grabs!
Just a few of the many law books I have.  Don't they look important?

Cake kits

Gotta pay my automo-bills!

We named her Rosie, after the Jetsons' housekeeper.

Seriously fun!

One for you, two for your alcoholic friend

You could wear these while chasing around the Roomba


Self-Proclaimed MILF said...

Roomba! You're GIVING this away??? To anyone? Meaning, Even though we met once over a year ago?

Self-Proclaimed MILF said...

Oh, and I promise to honor you by keeping her name "Rosie".

Michelle said...

Ali, Michelle Slade here - if you haven't gotten rid of the wooden boxes or the Nancy Drew games, I will take them off your hands :)