Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project - Boring Shelves

Today I finally, FINALLY, finished the re-do of our bathroom.  It's been a long time coming, but with a newborn, extra time has been a bit scarce.  During naptimes, I managed to finally get it done and will post the full redo before and after pictures later tonight.

But here was my last challenge of the bathroom.  We repurposed this white shelving system to put behind our toilet.  Clean, crisp, and YAWN.  How to lighten it up?
Before - boring!

First, I took some bright yellow scrapbook paper and put in in the windows so the color peeks through the frosted glass.  You'll see later that the tub is a bright yellow like this, and I didn't want to change the tub, so this provided me a way to bring the color in elsewhere in the bathroom.

A trip to Salvation Army helped me with the rest of this challenge.  For $1, I picked up a green canister to hold cotton balls and Q-tips.  A simple wash and it was ready to go.  I also found this book on Southwestern birds that had great drawings and information on various birds.  I picked out a couple of larks, cut them out, and spray glued them onto yellow cardstock.  They are just sitting propped up ready for anyone to read about.  Cute!

 And, in just one trip to Salvation Army and about an hour of work, I have a cute and colorful shelf!

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