Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 months!

Ugh, this kid is way too adorable - 5 months old today, and here's his highlights:

- He loves veggies and fruit.  Doesn't matter what it is, just put it on a spoon and get in my belly!
- Hair gets crazier every day, and it's the first thing everyone comments on.
- He's getting much more vocal every day.  For the longest time, he just cooed, then Jon and I would stop everything if he made a new sound.  Now he goes to town babbling and yelling at the baby in the mirror
- He's survived a stroller ride, train ride, 2 subways, a shuttle bus, a plane, another shuttle bus, and a rental car all in one day!
- Finally enjoying his time in the pack and play, which he hated for a while.  Of course, that's where the baby in the mirror lives, so he's always interested.
- He seems to really like music and loves to sit in his bouncer in the kitchen while momma cooks and sings him showtunes
- Tummy time is fun and he likes it...especially the part where he vomits.
- He loves being held upright so he can look out and see what's going on
- He found his toes, his hair, his ears, and his penis.  We're trying to get him to not death grip that last one.
- Loves loves loves the Star videos that his Aunt Heather's company made.  And his momma loves loves loves that he'll watch them 3 times in a row in complete fascination so she can get some work done!

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