Friday, April 15, 2011

House Rental Mode

Since we are leaving in just over a month and have to get our house rental ready, and my theater show just ended, I am in mega-house-fixing mode.  Here's this week's achievements:

Monday: Taped, washed, scrubbed, and primed the dining room walls.  That's two coats of stinky, awful oil-based primer, which is the best when you're painting over wallpaper.
The last bit of wallpaper showing

Tuesday:  Bought caulk to go around the trim of the dining room so the wallpaper won't be tempted to pop up.  Bought two shades of green, and went back and forth, getting advice from folks.  Caulked all around the trim, chair rail, door and window casings.

Wednesday: Cold and rainy, and I did NOT feel like dragging Avery outside, so I decided to put the dining room on hold and strip wallpaper in the hallway and stairwell.  There are lots of layers, but it's ok to leave some of them on and paint over them as long as they are securely fastened.  Which means pulling off the not-very-well-fastened top layer.  Pretty easy job, though.  I dread using the stinky oil-based primer here.  The whole house is going to smell.  I did, however, go up to the nursery and peel off the plastic stars the previous owners so GRACIOUSLY left up on the ceiling.  Luckily, they weren't on very well, so it was easy to do.  Went to Home Depot in the evening to buy paint for the dining room and some primer for a kitchen project.

Thursday: Two coats of "Soft Sage" on the dining room walls.  I'm so tired of painting this week that I don't even appreciate it yet.
Just a peek at our new dining room color

Friday: Got a leftover  tile out of the basement to practice painting it.  The practice tile is from the bathroom, but our kitchen has a "lovely" pink tile border.  Vomit.  Seriously, I want to punch whoever designed the interior of this house.  Too much pink, too many flowers.  TOO MUCH!  I also put the dining room back together again.
Granny's flowers and pink tile
Note:  I could NOT have done this project without use of the internet and amazing tutorials such as this one and this one.  All hail the internet!  In Jon's words "I was surprised it turned out so well!"  O ye of little faith!

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