Sunday, March 04, 2012

One Piece Back in Place

Over two years ago, our house was robbed when someone waltzed into our single family home, grabbed Jon's leather messenger bag, went upstairs, took my jewelry, swiped my laptop, and waltzed back out.  You might remember it from this blog entry.

Anyway, for our five-year anniversary, Jon put aside some money to get me a new ring.  Not an engagement ring, but a proper five-year ring.  The wedding ring that I wear daily is just a silver band I picked up on St. Lucia, where we got married.  I decided to spend a portion of that money and purchase my engagement ring again.  Luckily, he had bought it from a company who still had them in stock.

And now it's happily back on my finger where it's supposed to be.  I only wonder what two-bit hooker is wearing the other one.....

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That's the sweetest thing! Your ring here is gorgeous! I didn't know there was a "5 year ring". Interesting and good to know!