Friday, May 25, 2012

Hah-vahd Graduation!

I'm not a gusher, but not only is my husband smoking hot in his graduation gown, but he is ridiculously smart!!

Who's a winner?  This guy!

He graduated yesterday from Harvard with a master's in Biology, AND was named to have the best thesis in the biological sciences. 
Just predicting NF-kB Activation based on gene expression in breast cancer. No big deal.
Not only did he get his name in the program, a certificate, and a sweet giant medal from Harvard, when it was announced, he got a really great introduction from one of the professors there.  I would post the video, but my camera was being COMPLETELY STUPID and the audio phased out when I zoomed in.  So bummed about it.  Grrrrr....But, here he is getting his diploma, and Avery whining then cheering. (the clicking noise is my stupid camera - sorry AGAIN).

Avery was a champ the whole time - luckily the ceremony was in an old church that had "pens" on the side, so we got two benches, and a gated in area for him to run around/draw on things/spill water/yell "DAD?!" at the top of his lungs.  Good times.

Family picture!
Congratulations to the amazing Jon Beach!!!


Anonymous said...

Smart and approachable. He keeps the smarts in check so that he seems to be a regular guy (just above average smart).
Great family pic. Miss you guys lots.

Alison Beach said...

I know - is there nothing this guy can't do? Just don't tell him I said that :-) Miss you, too!