Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day Present

Now that Avery is old enough to actually enjoy his dad, I wanted to get Jon a really great Father's Day gift!  Foregoing all the tools/ties and things, I had Avery do a little art project.  I got some big paintbrushes, a cheap little canvas, and some washable (I hoped) paint at Michaels (using my 20% off your entire purchase coupon - woot!)

Our materials
Once Avery woke up from his nap, I took him outside, opened up a few colors and let him go to work.  I don't know why I thought he would know to put the same brush in the same color or that the canvas was what he was supposed to be painting on.  Or that he could distinguish me saying "paint brush" from "hair brush".  But, all in good fun. Washable is the key.

Painting is amazing!
After slopping on some color, he decided it was time to use his pool.  I filled it up, turned around, and he had opted to just jump right in, diaper, shoes, and all! 

His favorite is getting sprayed by the mister:

I wrote names and the year on the canvas and we were finished with that.  We also picked up a little glass jar at IKEA on this trip and filled it with Dad's favorite: peanut butter and chocolate.  Avery did a little father's day craft at school (Note: There was no mother's day craft.  FAIL!) and we threw in a card for good measure.

We continued the day with breakfast at our favorite French place and then went for a little swim at the pool on Andrews.  I think Jon had a great Father's Day!

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