Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IKEA Inspiration

Open up, already!
Recently, Avery and I headed to IKEA, partly for me to peruse, but mostly for him to run around the showroom before the crowds to wear him out (he loved it!) and have a cheap breakfast ($1.99 for french toast sticks, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns - go Swedes!)  Here are a few pictures of things I loved!

I really like the zen-like quality of a wooden rack to put bright colored towels on in the bathroom.

Jon would never let me get away with this (but I also thought he would revolt against this mirror and I won that one) but I love the idea of feminine "crystal" chandeliers above refurbished vintage chic dining room table.  It glams up the casual table and the casual table tones down the chandeliers.

Here's the couch I want!  Karlstad love seat + chaise.  I'd take it in a brown, but this is what I'm hoping 1) fits in our new place and 2) again, I can talk Jon into

This woudl be a great behind-the-couch organizer for us if we filled it with those cloth storage boxes for toys/books/movies/etc.

Curtain wire - what a great way to display children's art!

Obsessed with these gorgeous clear glass lamps.  You could fill them up, or just leave them alone for a nice clean look!
I love the white/gray look of this kitchen, and with a few pops of color, it could totally look like the inspiration kitchen I ripped out of a magazine!

IKEA kitchen - am also loving the pendant lighting over the island
The inspiration kitchen from a magazine.

I love duvet covers more than anything - such a cheap and fun way to completely change a bedroom!  I'm digging this blue and white design, and its name "Malin Blad"

Avery had a great time, too!

Whoa Mom, how much is THIS???

Needing a little alone time to consider kitchen drawers...

So, all in all a fun trip for us both!  Although I love rehabbing old furniture into something, IKEA definitely provides some great inspiration, not to mention lots of drawers to explore!!

Oh yeah, what did I actually buy?  Some cheap tupperware and a glass jar for Jon's upcoming Father's Day present :-)


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

I love IKEA. I think my friend has that couch, just in a lighter color.

I agree that the chandelier looks cool and it dresses up the casual table and the table dresses down the chandelier :)


Alison Beach said...

I like to get inspired there but buy elsewhere so I don't end up with the exact same stuff as everyone else. Again. :-)