Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Five years in the making

Do you visit WOOT?

It's a site that sells one item a day until they sell out, and you never know how much they have to sell.  It's just gone one moment and you have to hope they sell that item again one day.  Every once in a while, the elusive Bag of Crap goes on sale:

Who knows what it is?  It's only $3 plus $5 shipping, and I've been trying for FIVE YEARS to get one.  My co-worker Phil and I used to try to get them when we were stationed in Iraq to no avail.  These are such a hot commodity that the woot servers fill up and crash and it's impossible to get through.

But, last week, I woke up at 4 to go to the bathroom, then thought about how much I hate my job at the moment, got stressed and couldn't sleep.  I decided just to get up and get a snack and surf the internet, and lo and behold, it's Bag of Crap!  At 4am, this is a good find because so much of the USA is asleep.  And they said there were 37% remaining (the rare instance they tell you what's left) so I knew my chances were good.

So I ordered, server crashed, I refreshed again and again and again on both Firefox and Internet Explorer.  At one point I got past the first screen, only to crash at the second.  Then, I got to the order screen only to have it crash again.  There's nothing you can do but keep reloading and hoping.  I never got a confirmation screen, BUT, I did get a confirmation email, so I know it went through!  It only took 45 minutes of trying :-)

I posted in the forum on woot how excited I was and I see that some people have been sitting at their computers for almost FOUR HOURS to get one.  So, 45 minutes seems like a good deal.  AND, it's a great way to start what would likely be a "crappy" day.

YAY, BAG OF CRAP!!!!!  A couple of weeks later, and here's what came in the mail!

My crap
In my box (bag) of crap were the following:
  • tote bag with a giant sunflower.  Especially hilarious because I'm afraid of giant sunflowers.  Boo.
  • Woot T-shirt (in a small!)  Yay!
  • Outdoor water canteen that fits around your waist for hiking.  Yay!
  • Petal to attach to the toilet in the shape of a foot so you can flush the toilet with your foot.  Um.... boo.
  • And finally, a teeny tiny digital camera.  Yay!  This will go in the diaper bag for photo emergencies.
So, all in all, a pretty good haul!  Although, let's face it, I would have been happy with anything.  But, it does feel nice to at least have gotten more than $8 worth of crap.

Are you a wooter?  Ever won a bag of crap??

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