Friday, July 13, 2012

Rotten Luck

We were so stoked to get new flooring purchased for our new digs and start installing it!  But, of course, Murphy throws us a curve ball in the form of this:

Sooooo pretty

Yep.  Rotted door frame and door.  It turns out that the little bit of rot we noticed during the home inspection was actually a lot of rot (like to the tune of Jon can reach into the basement from the upstairs).  So, the 4th of July that was supposed to be installing our new flooring became, instead, replacing the door frame and door.  Then, it turned into the 7th of July, too, cause all the work messed Jon's back up a bit, so it took longer than he had hoped.

In a nutshell, here's what had to happen (sorry I can't be more descriptive with photos and stuff, but Jon isn't too interested in my blog so I have to take what details he will give me):
  • Remove the current door
  • Pull up the old threshhold
  • Cut off the bottom 6 inches of the door frame
  • Cut out the rotted subfloor and portions of the ring joist
  • Replace everything we cut out with new stuff
  • Pull and replace the siding underneath the door (totally rotted)
  • Create new flashing around the bottom of the door
  • Remake the sections of the door frame from scratch
  • Put everything that we rebuilt back together again
(Note: I only know what some of those things are)

UPDATE!  I took a picture of progress!  Here's a shot of the new flooring that Jon had to build to replace what had rotted.  Yay for no more reaching through the floor to high-give someone in the basement!

Since we're part of a homeowner's association, we're pretty limited in colors of door we can have.  And by limited, I mean that we can paint our door "Georgetown Green" by Duron.  That's all.  So, we decided to save a bit of money and just repair the door that we have now.  Then, we painted the part of the door that we had to replace with the same paint color that it is now (using a custom color from the HD) and hoped that that's what Georgetown Green looks like.

More pictures to be posted when I get over there/convince Jon to actually take more photos!

So that's the first roadblock we hit in the new house, and hopefully the only completely unforeseen mess that we'll have to deal with.  Fingers crossed!!

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