Friday, July 27, 2012

Love That New Carpet Smell

Our carpet came in and was installed this past weekend, and it's awesome.  Not to mention, it smells great.

Remember how the upstairs bedrooms started?  Well, now we've got new carpet in!  No more dingy, stained carpet with that oh-so-nice ring around the room.  The carpet we agonized over has been laid down, and Jon has touched up the trim!  (the great thing being that since we'll repaint all the walls, he didn't have to spend a lot of time being careful!)  So here's some befores and afters for comparison!

First is Avery's future room:
Old, stained carpet and dingy trim
Nice fresh carpet and touched up trim
Next is the new baby (Cassidy?)'s room:

And finally, the master!

Now, the difference is subtle in pictures, but there's no long a ring around each room of dirty, stained carpet.  It's new, soft, and great-smelling!  Jon's also touched up all of the trim, so it's a brighter, cleaner, more universal white - hooray!

I've updated the House Tour page (click the tab at the top of the page!) with this first before/after reveal.  On to the next project!!


Lisa said...

Looks good! You've made way more house progress than we have and we've been in our house for a year . . .

Alison Beach said...

Thanks! It was more out of necessity, since we HAD to get new carpet before we moved the furniture. I imagine the rest of the house will take quite some time....