Friday, September 28, 2012

6th Time's a Charm!

Again, my Pinterest stalking showed me lots of cute ideas for string art.  I haven't done string art since middle school, but I do love monograms and names, and what a cute way to put Cassidy's name in her room, thought I.

I went back and forth about mediums.  Wood?  Cork? Yarn? Floss? Nails? Tacks?  Ugh, it was crazy, but I opted to do it this way:

First, I bought 7 little cheap frames and some roll up cork at Michael's and attempted to cut the cork to fit into the frames.  It was messy and ugly.  ALI FAIL #1.

Next, I bought 3 3-packs of little heating pads made out of cork at IKEA.  Then, I spray painted them white.  When the spray paint failed to stay on there, because the cork sucked it up like a vacuum (ALI FAIL #2), I switched to regular paint and painted them white.  When the pain made my cork stick to the cardboard it was sitting on, and the knife that I used to pry them up ripped the cork ALI FAIL #3.

Third, I bought a big piece of pre-cut wood at Michael's and painted it white.  When I hated how THAT looked (ALI FAIL #4), I thought about going back to cork until a middle-of-the-night browsing session on Pinterest led me to the idea of wrapping yarn around cardboard letters.  Eff off, string art, I'm over you!  Since we recently moved and have a ton of cardboard boxes, I decided to go with that plan, determined not to fail again.

First, I drew out the letters of her name on cardboard:

Cut them out:

Bought yarn in my pink/blue/orange colors and wrapped each letter, using a hot glue gun to stick stray strands.

This post is brought to you by the letter "D"
They aren't perfect (I had trouble with the ends) but neither am I.  My imperfection can't be seen at a distance and babies aren't smart - she'll never know!!  Then, I hung them on the wall with removable fasteners.  Then, they fell off because removable fasteners don't stick to yarn. (ALI FAIL #5) So, I had to rework that a bit and just nail the suckers in there.


I like how the bright colors pop against our Twilight Grey walls and how the rounded shape the letter make mirror the hot air balloons that make the theme..

Just a few finishing touches to show you and the nursery is finished!  I have not had a finished room in a house since I lived with my parents, which was when I was 17, some 16-ish years ago.  Seriously, I'm so excited!!

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