Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Up Up and Away!

So, you know I've been working a lot on the nursery, having put in fresh carpet, new paint, and finding inspiration in bath mats.  My recent Pinterest obsession led me here to this great idea to make hot air balloons (the nursery theme) to hang from the ceiling.  Here's how they went down:

First, I bought very very very inexpensive paper lanterns from in the three colors that I got for the rugs and a couple of different sizes. They are so easy to pop open and frame!  I'm completely in love with them now, and The Knot has a billion different colors.  The best part is that I was spot-on to matching the rugs.

Perfect match
 Also, I noticed a pattern, as I looked in the tub later that evening during bathtime and saw three washy things, all in the same colors.  Hmmm...guess I'm drawn to them!

I obviously love these colors
Next, I went to Michael's (naturally) to look for three things: twine, little baskets, and something to peek out of those little baskets.  I found embroidery floss and two sizes of small white favor boxes.  I didn't find anything I liked to ride in my hot air balloons, but I might make a little paper doll for me, Jon, and Avery to peek out and look after Cassidy later on.

Easy supplies
The rest was pretty easy: cut floss, tie to baskets, tie to lanterns:

Tying in the baskets
Once I temporarily put them up, I realized there were stickers on the bottom of the boxes that aren't easily removed.  I. HATE. THAT.  So, I went back to Michael's and bought some scrapbook paper that is patterned, but compliments the colors of the balloon and spray glued them on the bottom of the boxes.

View from below
And there you have it!  Cute little hot air balloons!  Next I just had to arrange them in the nursery:

The pink one is hanging in another corner
I love it.  And now Cassidy will have bright colored balloons to dream about!  Have you crafted anything fun recently?

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Lauren said...

I LOVE this! And I think the scrapbook paper on the bottom of the baskets looks adorable. That really adds something to it. You should definitely make little paper dolls of you guys. I love that idea. :)

I made a cute yarn-wrapped wreath for Heidi's door with some homemade bunting on it with her name on the bunting. I'll have to post a picture on my blog for you to see.