Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Linky Dinkie

 As I sit here on 42 days of maternity leave I've become obsessed with Pinterest and projects that I can do to keep me busy at home.  I've got so many in mind, I decided to focus on ONE project and get it done to completion before moving on to the next.  Normally, I start 8 projects and finish them all randomly, but I'm trying to actually get projects done this time around, ha ha.

On my list:
  • Putting Cassidy's name in her room on the wall
  • Making a birth date announcement poster for Cassidy and one for Avery
  • Drawing/painting a hot air balloon on canvas for the nursery
  • Creating a fall front stoop
  • Making a neat mobile out of paint chips (the paper kind, not the lead paint kind) for the nursery
  • Putting up a large curtain rod and curtains in the living room
  • Turning the vanities in the bathrooms espresso color
  • Working on Christmas ornaments
  • Putting together our giant ruler measuring chart for the kids
You can see some of the inspiration for my ideas on my Pinterest Boards but I'd like to know what projects you've got in the back of your mind for this fall (so I can steal borrow your idea and do it myself!

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